Thursday, April 28

Makeup Revolution Salvation Palette Girls on Film

I have so many neutral eyeshadow palettes now, that I'm really spoilt for choice when I sit down to apply my makeup. Recently though I've really been reaching for the Makeup Revolution Girls On Film palette.

Tuesday, April 26

La Roche-Posay Hydraphase UV Intense Legere

Protecting your skin from the sun is so important and thankfully sun protection seems to be becoming more popular amongst cosmetic brands. That said, it can still be hard to track down a daily moisturiser with a good broad spectrum protection. La Roche-Posay's Hydraphase UV Intense Legere has answered my praise with a lightweight formula and broad spectrum protection.

Sunday, April 24

Perfect every time fluffy American pancakces

I'm a sweet breakfast kinda gal. As much as I love saussages, beans and eggs, I'm never craving a full English for breakfast. I'd rather have waffles, chocolate cereal or a big stack of pancakes! This recipe is one that I've used for more than 5 years and I always come back to it.

Friday, April 15

Le Soft Perfume: Parisian Rhapsody and Etre Ici Et Ailleurs

I love solid perfumes; they seem to have a more gentle scent than most perfumes and are of course perfect for travelling with. Unfortunately they can be hard to find but I think they are becoming more popular on the high street. I recently purchased two Le Soft Perfumes; Parisian Rhapsody and Etre Ici Et Ailleurs from Sabe Masson and I think they're great.

Tuesday, April 12

Soap and Glory Supercat Eyeliner

I love a felt tip liner for quick and easy liner application and this one from Soap and Glory has been my faithful friend for years now. There are a bunch of great options on the highstreet now but not all are made equal. 

Sunday, April 10

L'Oreal Brow Artiste Shaper

While I love using a powder on my brows for a natural and full shape, and I reach for a brow mascara when I really want to pump up the volume, day to day I always reach for a pencil because nothing builds up shape and quickly defines like an eyebrow pencil. L'Oreal's Brow Artiste Shaper in Brunette has been my brow pencil of choice for a year or so now and I've repurchased it over and over. 

Wednesday, April 6

Makeup Revolution: Vivid Shimmer Brick Radiant


In a recent Makeup Revolution order, I picked up this gorgeous shimmer brick for just £3. I don't own any other shimmer bricks and couldn't say no to the gorgeous golden shimmers for such a low price.